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An Engineering,


and Prototyping Company

We are a small innovative SF Bay Area company that enables research scientists and project managers to develop and build highly custom and complex mechanical and optical systems.  Our work often leads to developing critical new technologies for the next-generation products of a company.  We offer good engineering and integrated machining, but our main expertise is an efficient “process” to take an idea from a sketch to a product.


Our Story

"Build elegant and robust mechanical systems for R&D in various local industries"

Inspired by the work of MIT professors in mechanical design, axiomatic design, and precision machine design, we started a company to design and build elegant and robust mechanical systems for Research and Development in various local industries. The company was started by Amir Torkaman and Jamie Nam in 2007.


Our initial goal was to become a product company but we quickly stumbled on a different vision.  We realized that often the most talented scientists in a company don't have the engineering resources to implement their ideas.  So we started supporting research scientists and project managers at various companies. Over time we perfected our process of taking an idea from a sketch to a product. In the past 15 years, we have completed numerous such projects and have had a significant impact on the 30+ companies we have engaged with.


Our mission is to provide good engineering and a proven process to enable research scientists and project managers to take their ideas to reality.

About us

Our Team


Our main product is an efficient process to take an idea from concept to a product.

Good Engineering + A Proven Process + Procurement And Assembly = A Successful Project


Prototyping and Design of mechanical systems


FEA mechanical analysis


Assembly and Integration


System Architecture Design
Opto-Mechanical Design
Optical Alignment and Calibration
Machine Design 
Precision mechanisms
Custom Stages
Robotics and Automation
Vibration, Motion Controls

Vision Systems
Vacuum, High Voltage
Furnaces and semiconductor equipment
Various custom Lab fixtures
Thermal Management and FEA Modeling
UHV Vacuum Systems


Job Opening

Please check back for the upcoming positions

Get in Touch


899 Arguello St, Ste A
Redwood City, CA 94063


(650) 716-5827

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